Our partners

We are strengthening ourselves with the following partners.

The Kurs-Zentrale is the little sister of the Reha-Zentrum Rotkreuz and shares the administrative part.

At the course headquarters we offer you group courses as well as a seminar room and the course room for rent.

We are also represented in Cham!

The Reha-Zentrum Cham offers you a wide range of options from physiotherapy, fitness, medical massage to group courses.

The Reha-Zentrum Papieri is our latest achievement.

The pediatric physiotherapy in particular sets the Reha-Zentrum Papieri apart from many regular practices. The high-quality physiotherapy and fitness offerings are standard at all locations.

Should there be an aperitif before your lecture? How about a catering service for after the seminar?

The Apart Hotel offers you exactly that!
It is located in the same building as the Reha-Zentrum Rotkreuz and is happy to accept your requests.

Your midwife for fertility coaching, pregnancy checks, birth preparation courses or postpartum care.

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We guarantee the quality assurance of our practice through QualiCert certification.

This certification is recognized by many additional insurance companies, which will reimburse you a partial amount.

Click on the image to find an overview of the health insurance contributions of health insurers.

In the area of ​​rehabilitation, we are the FCR's first point of contact.

Would you like to find out more about physiotherapy, its tariffs and regulations?

Then you’ve come to the right place with our “physioswiss” association.

Evidence-based training

Practical knowledge transfer from current research in the health and sports sectors.