Gym courses

Hier findest du alle Infos zu unseren Fitnesskursen.

In exceptional cases (holiday absences, further training, etc.) the course times may vary.
In order to take part in a course, you must always register for the course in advance.
You can do that by yourself online or by phone.





Pilates is a systematic whole-body workout that balances breathing and movement.
The training consists of movement sequences with intensive stretching, body awareness and strengthening. Every position and movement is based on the natural needs of the human musculoskeletal system. The deep pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles in particular benefit from this training. The body is relaxed, stress is reduced and the consequences of our sedentary and one-sided lifestyle are reduced.

Outdoor training

In all weather conditions!

Training outside

Full body workout

No matter what the weather, we train outside!
Put on suitable sportswear – tie up your shoes – and GO!

We train the whole body with as few tools as possible, our own body weight is usually enough. This can include jogging, sprints, strength, stabilization and coordination.

The outdoor training takes place close to the Reha-Zentrums Rotkreuz and the Kurs-Zentrale.


Functional training

Strength training

Bodyweight training

Our boot camp is an intensive training with varied workouts. 
Functional exercises, strength and bodyweight training are combined and carried out as a circuit.
We use attractive tools such as barbells, kettlebells, ropes and co.
Let us motivate YOU and push YOU to your limits.





Yoga is an ancient Indian teaching that has become increasingly popular in our western society for many years. In yoga, various postures (Asanas) are performed to the rhythm of your own breathing. By consciously practicing the individual positions and focusing on your own body and breathing, the mind is calmed. Yoga therefore has a significant impact on your physical and mental health.

With a mixture of breathing, strengthening and relaxation exercises, we address the body on all levels. Relaxation and focus are guaranteed after the yoga class!

Postnatal gymnastics

1h only for you

From the 8th week after birth

Back to bodyfeeling

An hour just for you, without child(ren), without stress.

During recovery, the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles are rebuilt through targeted exercises. This also includes tips that protect the pelvic floor in everyday life. The postnatal gymnastics can start from the 8th week after birth (in the case of a cesarean section from the 10th week). 

Start possible at any time.



Full body workout

recharge energy

Train flexibly

You want to feel fit again and strengthen your body but don't know when and how?

Then celebrate your fitness comeback with us!

The training is intended for moms and dads who are kept so busy by the babies/children that they cannot find any capacity for their physical health. For mothers, this training can also be the optimal start after the postnatal gymnastics are complete.

Children of all ages are welcome and are welcome to play, sleep or join in.

With this functional full-body workout using your own body weight and small equipment, you will balance yourself out and recharge your batteries for everyday life.